I got booze soothing the pain that it creates
It makes new takings for what the taking takes
And I don’t wanna go gone as long as there is song
Whispering that I’m not wrong
I got doomsday makings making in the makes
It’s a fool’s paradise, forsaking bread for cake
And I don’t wanna go home
My heart is where I roam
But somehow It’s fake
Dark and sky blue my heart it do survive
I thank all moments that be keeping me alive
And I’m gonna be around as long as there is sound
That moves me rightly up and down
Hoo bah
Some ole numb dumb fumbling finds me in the rough
But it’s in the rough that I grow sweetly tough
And I don’t ever wanna change
Even as I grow stranger strange
It’s just a constant rearrange
Hoo bah
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