I'm in love with my teller
Oh how can I tell her all I need lies behind that thick glass
I trust you with my money so please be my honey
And give me a piece of that ass
I’m a sucker for your suckers
We’d make great fff lovers
Give my lonelies a pass
I do my banking with you and I’m banking on you
To make this a bond that will last
I’m in love with my teller
My teller is Taylor
Like to tell her I’d never fail her
But I know that deep down ain’t true
I’m only human stumbling on fumes and watching my bummers accrue
But her smile takes my frown
Interest could compound
I like drawer pulling too
My fortune, you see, is less cash received
Pull me out of this pneumatic tube
I’m in love with my teller
You to and you fro right from in the front row
Still I can’t see if there’s any use
You give me that warm cool hotel feeling
With a touch of the downtown quick stop blues
My love don’t compute but she’s so cute in her suit
And lord knows those glasses don’t hurt
What’s say we scoot with what’s left of their loot
Get you into my Motley Crue shirt
I’m in love with my teller
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