The Bottle

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Wilder Embry's third album The Bottle was recorded live in Nashville, TN, at House of David in three days with producer Justin Tocket (Marc Broussard) at the helm. Amazing musicians include John Lancaster, Keith Brogdon, David Steele, Dean Tomasek, Smith Curry, and Rachel Proctor. It's an undeniably intriguing listen.

Song Name Time
1. It's So Easy (Lyrics) 4:45
2. Lose You(Lyrics) 3:31
3. A Little While(Lyrics) 4:40
4. The Bottle(Lyrics) 4:30
5. Famous Blue Raincoat - By Leonard Cohen  4:38
6. Couple Few(Lyrics) 4:01
7. Turn To Stone(Lyrics) 3:29
8. Friendly Fire(Lyrics) 3:04
9. Through With You(Lyrics) 2:34
10. Founded(Lyrics) 2:55

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