Your Sweet Heart

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Wilder Embry is a songwriter/crooner from georgia. He has lived around the south, as well as Martha's Vineyard. The record, Your Sweet Heart, follows Wilder through tales of love and loss of friends and lovers and leaves no despair unturned. Through it all there is a beaten hopefulness that gently moves. Wilder loves the music of Lucinda Williams, Ron Sexsmith and Slaid Cleaves, to name a few. 

Song Name Time 
1. Radar (Lyrics) 2:59
2. Sugar (Lyrics) 5:13
3. Last Monday Night (Lyrics) 2:45
4. Bad Case of The Nothings (Lyrics) 5:32
5. Your Sweet Heart (Lyrics) 3:24
6. Microscope (Lyrics) 2:51
7. Good Nowhere (Lyrics) 3:06
8. Better Than Me (Lyrics) 2:40
9. Damage (Lyrics) 3:52
10. Light Me Up In The Dark (Lyrics) 3:27 
11. Love (Lyrics) 4:23  

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